Workshop Registration Is Complete!

Congratulations on taking the first step into getting your psoriasis under control again!

The workshop is scheduled for:

Wednesday, August 4
10 am PT/1 pm ET

You should receive two emails:

  • A confirmation email from me showing that you registered
  • An email from Zoom with your private link to the workshop (the link is for you only – please don’t share)

If you don’t see either of the emails (or both), please check your spam folder in case they land there (we have no control over that, sorry). If you still don’t see it in 10 minutes or so, please contact us.

Your Next Step

Now that you’re registered, I hope you’ll join me in my private Facebook group if you’re not there already. It’s called “Psoriasis Sucks!”, but it’s all about how you can control your psoriasis naturally from home, and avoid toxic medications.

We’ve got an active and supportive group, and lots of discussions around how to control your psoriasis.

Please join us.