Psoriasis sucks, but you actually can control your own psoriasis and make it better, without a bunch of toxic medications.

Have you ever noticed that during the summertime your skin actually clears up? The reason for that is the additional exposure to sunlight, like you’re wearing shorts, or short sleeve shirts, bathing suit, that the additional sunlight exposure actually causes your skin to produce more vitamin D.

Vitamin D actually helps your psoriasis to heal.

There are at least three different ways we can get more vitamin D into our bodies.

Hey everybody, I’m Tom Petty. I’m The Psoriasis Guy. I’ve spent the last 10 years figuring out how to control my own psoriasis without toxic medications, and I’d like to teach you too.

There are all kinds of studies that have shown that additional vitamin D can actually help your psoriasis, and most of us that have an autoimmune disease like psoriasis are usually deficient in vitamin D in our bodies. You can ask your doctor to get a test to see where you are on that scale.

But there are three different ways that you can get vitamin D into your body to start helping your psoriasis to heal.

Number one, getting more sunlight. That’s harder to do during the winter time when the sun isn’t as direct, and when we’re not out in the cold as much.

The other thing is that you can eat cold water fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines. All of those are rich in vitamin D. By consuming the cold water fishes, we can get more vitamin D.

A third way that’s probably the easiest way is just to get a vitamin D capsule. The vitamin D capsules will get that into your body. Your body will actually convert that vitamin D3 into an analog that your body can use, and that will help your psoriasis to heal.

So if you suffer from psoriasis, and you’re frustrated by the results or lack of results that you’re getting from your doctor and the prescriptions that you have, let’s talk. I’d be honored to teach you how to control your own psoriasis without the toxic medications.

Go to my website,, and apply for my program. That will get us talking to each other.

I would love to be teaching you how to control your own psoriasis. So let’s talk.

One final thought. I said at the beginning that psoriasis sucks, and it does. None of us likes having psoriasis. But it’s been such a huge relief for me to be free of the itching and the redness. I can go outside with shorts or a bathing suit on and not be embarrassed anymore. I love having my skin almost 100% clear because of the program that I’ve put together for myself, and I’d love to teach it to you.